My name is Eva Bordelon-Howell.

I am 20 years old, and living my best little life. Along with my photography, I work for my mom's construction company and am in my second year of business school. I love traveling, getting in over my head on projects, music, and just about everything outdoors.

I could probably consider myself to have been a photographer ever since the day I got my first phone. And that's only if we don't count the days I was rocking my pink kid's cam... aaaaand then my DSI with all those fun tacky filters.

It probably wasn't until I stopped taking photos of my Lego mini figures and started taking photos of nature and friends that I even knew what photography was.

In 2016, when I was thirteen years old I started EvaBearPhotography on Instagram. I took many photos of my friends and everything around me and in October of 2020, I was asked to do my first freelance family photoshoot. From that day on I started to view my hobby as a business and have been growing it ever since.

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